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Short time holiday rental management on Paros

Paros and Antiparos have become extremely popular with holidaymakers in the summer period and the rental income you can achieve from short term rental can cover your property taxes and more. No wonder many homeowners turn towards short term property letting.

We offer complete short term rental management services for homeowners on Paros and Antiparos. We suggest you read through this list to understand our way of working and have a look at the guest’s reviews that speak honestly and clearly about the job we do.

Homestays are very popular among families visiting Paros for holidays

How do we work?

We start with the evaluation of your property. It is not enough to have a nice house on Paros. You have to know that holidaymakers are looking for places that are:

  • close to town or as far away as possible for privacy
  • walking distance to the beach, walking distance to shops/taverns
  • have sea view
  • have a pool, private or shared

It is not necessary that your property has all the above, but the more you have the better the rentability of the property and the higher the price that can be achieved.

Next step is a photo shoot, and as one picture speaks a thousand words this is one of the most important step in order to create a successful listing. Sometimes we spend 2-3 days perfecting the photos, going back to the site to try to capture the athmosphere of the home at different times of the day, with different lighting conditions. We do take care of the staging of your home and we are happy if you work on this with us, as most of the time results are better if the homeowners’ personality shines through.

Staging is everything: your guests should be able to imagine how does it feel to stay in your home

When the photos are ready and agreed on we create and optimise the listing on third party rental sites (like Tripadvisor, Airbnb, etc.).

Work is not done with putting your home out there, a listing that brings sufficient number of reservations year by year constantly have to be tweaked, the pricing adjusted by offer and demand, the calendars synchronized in order to avoid double bookings and naturally there has to be a speedy and accurate communication with the prospects (future guests) in order to create trust and convince them to choose your home among the thousands of homes currently available for holidays on Paros.

We also list your property on our website and offer your home for rental to our extensive client base, families that return to Paros year by year and bring friends and relatives, people that trust us to take care of them to have a hassle-free holiday.

Click to see an example of a listing

Paros has got more than 3000-holiday rentals (data from, statistics for holiday rentals, 09/2022). If you are interested, you can check out the competition you are up against on

The listings on any third party site are in your name with your bank account details so you have full control of your finances and all the rental income goes to your account, but also it is your responsibility to report the income to the tax office and pay the responsible tax after your income.

The tax after short term holiday rentals in Greece is currently 15% until a yearly income of 12.000 Euro, and 35% over that. We provide the necessary details in writing to you (passport number/address etc. of guests) after every guest arrival that you will have to send to your accountant.

Read this article about the legalities of short term holiday rentals and the AMA number: Greece’s Online Registry for Short-term Rentals Goes Live

What do we do to provide that your guests are going to have a great time?

Warm welcome: we meet with the guests at your property or at the place of their arrival depending on the previous arrangement with the guests. We show them your property, how everything works, make sure guests understand the house rules. We talk about the island, the sights, how to get around and help with car/motorbike rentals, also answer any questions they have. This usually takes 1-2 hours per guest arrival. We do prepare a welcome basket for your guests.

The damage deposit is collected from the guests on their arrival if needed and returned on their departure. We take responsibility for safekeeping the money until their departure time and returning it if we find the house in order. If there is serious damage we notify you by phone and you can decide if the deposit or part of it should be kept for you. This is a very rare occasion, and in the last 5 years, we only had to keep the damage deposit once. (Broken plates or glasses are not subject to damage deposit claims)

They will have our mobile phone and a 24/7 telephone helpline in case they have a question, something goes wrong or needs sorting. Some common examples of the calls we get every day from guests: no water in the house, no electricity in the house, they want to know where to buy fresh fish, they had an accident and asking for a doctor, they cannot light the BBQ, they locked themselves out of the house and the list goes on…. 🙂 Some problems cannot be prevented so solving the problems when they occur is the key to having 5 star guest reviews!

While the guests are in the house we check on them, and this visit has got a dual purpose. First of all, we want to ask them if they are having a good time and if they need anything. This is a good opportunity to figure our if they are unhappy with something, so we can solve it before their departure. Also, discreetly we can have a look around and make sure your property is in order, and guests obey the rules (no smoking in the house for example)

Professional cleaning services: for the guests that we bring for you we provide professional cleaning services. We prepare the house before their stay, if their stay is longer than 7 days we provide a mid-term cleaning and linen change and also we clean the house after they left. Having a clean house is the number one priority on the list of holidaymakers so it is extremely important to maintain hotel standard cleanliness at your rental home.

Extra services:
We offer transfer services for your guests this is not included in our basic fees.

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