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How to present guest bedrooms

Many house owners on the Greek islands at one point consider letting their property for holidaymakers. As the cornerstone of success in hospitality is guest satisfaction I would like to talk about how to make up your guest bedrooms to make a lasting impression. Apart from the obvious cleanliness (that is of out most importance) some welcoming touches will provide that your guest will feel real special and welcomed hence you have better chance they return or give a good review about your accommodation. Here is list of things to take into consideration when setting up your guest bedrooms:

Cleaning is nr1. A dirty room puts off most people. Its good to offer cleaning to your guests at least once  a week with a change of bedding and towels. If you are not present when guest come or you don’t feel like dealing with dirt consider hiring a professional cleaner. Its money well spent.

White bed linen is easier to keep in pristine condition than colored ones (you can just bleach the stains) also they look more professional. Introduce a color in the bedroom with a bedspread and decorative cushions. They are not so likely to get stained.

– Leave a basket of local treats for your guests. It does not have to be an expensive or complicated basket, use seasonal local fruits like figs, grapes or even fig cactus fruits. A bottle of local wine with some capers or olives or a little bag full of scented dried lavenders under the pillow is also a nice surprise for your guests. (Don’t forget about cutlery, glasses, plates etc, placed nearby your basket.). A simple “Enjoy your stay at …. Villa” or a couple of personal lines go a long way too.

Extra blankets and pillows should be in the closet and plenty of wooden hangers.

– Since it’s really hot on the islands if your bedrooms are not equipped with air condition placing a fan is a must.

– Try to limit the number of personal items in the bedroom. I know it’s your house, but your guests will need space to place their belongings.

– Learn how to make up beds properly. (Watch a little YouTube video about it here)

– Always leave an information leaflet in the room that informs your guests about your phone number (or your appointed contact person’s number if you cannot assist your guest during their stay), emergency telephone numbers and Internet connection possibilities. Download an example of your information leaflet made exclusively for Paros! [wpdm_file id=1]

See a couple of good examples of guest rooms and some welcome packs:

bedroom2 bedroom3 bedroom4 bedroom5 bedroom6 bedroom7 bedroom8 bedroom9 welcome bag welcome card welcome gift welcome gift2

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