Lolandoni, villa gardens with sea view

On the east cost of the island lays Lolandoni, just after Aspro Horio (White Village), a popular spot in the summer with a buzzing beach and crystal clear waters. Above the beach, with gorgeous views a modern new villa has been built and the owner asked us to create a garden that matches the modern, clean lines of the building, but also fits with the natural vegetation of Paros.

As the site is wind exposed we created a line of trees with olives and koumaries towards the North wind direction at the side of the house. On the Southern side of the garden, well protected from winds by the villa we created a small orchard area with pomogranates, peaches and apricots and also an olive groove with 3 kinds of olive trees, all table varieties. The front garden towards the sea hosts two big olives and low plantation of bushes, and flowers and a hedge of Eleagnus with white and pink oleanders ties the areas together.

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