Minimal style vineyard, Piso Alyki

The owners of this minimal style luxury villa are big fans of good wine, so we decided to create their own vineyard of 300 grapes of different varieties of red and white grapes like Crimson, Cardinal, Monemvassia, Mandilaria, Roditis, Muscato, Thomson, Superior, Attiki, Cardinal and Flame. Here’s a small chart that explains which varieties are for what use:

White for wineRed for wineWhite tablegrapesRed tablegrapes
MuscatoMonemvassiaThomson (no pits)Crimson (no pits)
RoditisMandelariaSuperiorAttiki (no pits)

In a couple of years, they will be able to bottle their own production! Mature olive trees, a hidden herb garden and an outside shower with citruses add to the charm to this modern villa garden alloying the traditional elements of the Greek estate garden with a strict minimal design.

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