Antient olive tree garden, Piso Alyki

The garden of this villa has been developped in two phases as the owners of the villa changed hands. The first owners were looking for a very minimalistic looking garden with one olive tree in the courtyard and a creation of a wineyard to match the elegant minimla style luxury villa. They were big fans of good wine, so we decided to create their own vineyard of 300 grapes of different varieties of red and white grapes like Crimson, Cardinal, Monemvassia, Mandilaria, Roditis, Muscato, Thomson, Superior, Attiki, Cardinal and Flame. Here’s a small chart that explains which varieties are for what use:

White for wineRed for wineWhite tablegrapesRed tablegrapes
MuscatoMonemvassiaThomson (no pits)Crimson (no pits)
RoditisMandelariaSuperiorAttiki (no pits)

A mature olive tree in the courtyard, a hidden herb garden and an outside shower with citruses add to the charm to this modern villa garden alloying the traditional elements of the Greek estate garden with a strict minimal design.

The olive tree garden – second phase

After a couple of years the villa changed ownership and as the new owners have a much bigger family the extended the villa and the need arose for a much larger garden that hugs all the buildings together. They loved the minimalistic style and therefore we extended the wineyard and added a simple rosemary hedge alongside the terraces. The biggest impact was planting two ancient olive trees (their age is estimated to be over 500 years old!) that we shipped in from the Peloponnese and planted with local waterwise Mediterranean shrubs and herbs to match the landscape around. Between the new and the “old” hosue we created a garden with low growing shrubs and ground cover plants that bridge the two buildings and we also extended the olive grove tro both side of the houses using olive trees that produce instatly olives for oil production (15-20 year old trees) In addition mature fig trees and mulberry trees got planted on the North side of the new house and a vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and herbs. This is how the garden evolved:

And this is how it was created…

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