New inter-Cycladic flights

Good news for the residents of Paros and visitors alike that iFly S.A., the largest Greek private aircraft and helicopter management company in Greece recently incorporated 3 new single turbine Cessna Grand Caravans(208B) into its fleet and is aiming to make inter-island travel easier by connecting certain Cycladic islands (Paros, Naxos, Syros, Mykonos, Milos and Santorini) with Rhodes and Crete on a year round basis.

Each aircraft can transport up to 12 passengers and 2 pilots with no flight attendants on board. Depen-ding on the route, flights last from a mere 20 minutes to a little over an hour.

Currently there are restricted number of flights and destinations available, the winter schedule is valid until the 23rd of March 2023 and the new summer schedule is due to be out by the end of January.

We were informed by the company that the summer schedule is going to be valid from 25th March till 29th October 2023, with daily connections between some of the most popular destinations of the Aegean Sea including Paros of course.

Fly Cycladic airline pilot Kyriaki Katsogresaki

Andreas Sotiropoulos, a representative of Cycladic, said:

“We are excited to introduce Cycladic, which will enable inter-island transportation for modern passengers. Our company will offer a balanced combination of experience, flexibility and convenience.

Our goal is not just to facilitate seasonal travelers, but also to enhance the daily life of Greek islanders, while at the same time aiming for sustainable tourism development”.

The company will also provide charter flights, suitable for travelers who want to get around the Greek islands in style.

More information is on their website:

See a short video of the fleet and the launch of the The Project Cycladies