12/2020 Christmas boat, why a boat is decorated in Greece

The most traditional symbol you will find in Greece during the winter holidays is a small boat decorated with lights, usually placed in the main square of a town and close to the more international Christmas tree. To karavaki, or small boat is rooted in the traditions of a country with a symbiotic relationship with the sea. Read on…

11/2020 How will we travel in 2021?

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we think about the holidays. Many of us were patient throughout the summer of 2020, decided to stay home and stick it out. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Will you be able to visit Paros next summer and what will you need? Read on…

10/2020 Festivals Calendar for Paros & Antiparos

Traditional festivals are organized on the islands throughout the year to preserve local traditions.  See what’s on at the time of your vacation!

02/2020 Where to stay on PAROS: Parikia or Naoussa?

Many travelers puzzle over the question which area to stay when on Paros: close to Paroikia, the port city or Naoussa, the city on the north side? This question is unique to Paros island, as most of the  Read on…

01/2020 How to save on ferry and plane tickets to Paros?

Getting to your holiday destination absorbs a huge chunk of your holiday budget…’s some very practical advice on how to get to Paros cheaper! Read on…

11/2019 Ten things nobody will tell you about Paros!

– we all know about the Parian marble, the beautiful beaches, magical sunsets and the chic vibe of Naoussa. But what you don’t know are the following that can make a big difference for your holiday! Check it out…

02/2019 Book direct movement

Did you know that holiday homeowners are paying high commissions -in the region of 20% – but also you as a guest end up paying more for the same stay. So from the obvious reason such as save up to 20% on your holiday accommodation what are the advantages of booking direct and leaving out the popular big sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and
TripAdvisor ? Click here to read more on this…

18/01/2018 Paros finding its identity

 As I watch the sun sets on the horizon sinking slowly into the endless blue my thoughts are occupied with the coming summer season and the changes that it might bring. Last year Paros’s new airport opened its gates, and with here to read more

If you only going to watch one video about Paros watch this! 😉

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