How to save on ferry and plane tickets to Paros?

Getting to your holiday destination absorbs a huge chunk of your holiday budget and visiting the islands of the Cyclades is more expensive compared to mass holiday places. Reaching Paros is easier than most of the other islands thanks to a large number of ferries and plains that land daily on the island. But tickets do not come cheap, so every little helps! Here’s some advice on how to get to Paros on a budget!

If you will travel by ferry, get the SEA SMILES CARD

This is the combined loyalty program of the Blue Star Ferries / Superfast ferries / Hellenic Seaways, all the companies that operate routes to Paros.

Although it is a loyalty card, enabling you to collect points the more you travel that you can redeem for tickets, goods etc. it is well worth for one time visitors too as you can get a discount of 30% for transporting your vehicle (your own or a rental), something that is not well advertised on the website of the companies but all travel agents offer! Ask for your discount and give the number of your Sea Smiles Card when booking your ferry ticket!

Online application for Sea Smiles Card (you will need one ticket number, you can only apply if you purchased at least one ticket):

Get “SUPER ECONOMY” tickets from travel agents

These are 20 Euro tickets that have limited availability and numbers and only available at travel agents not through online booking. It’s worth to ring up a Greek travel agent and ask for these tickets if you are lucky you can save a lot! Also study the offers section for the Cyclades on the different ferry companies’ websites, as children/students/families have better prices available but you will have to show ISIC (Student Identity Card) or other documents. The age limits of the children are not taken very strictly by the crew of the boat companies…. Blue Star Ferries – Offers for the Cyclades:

Avoid traveling on the weekends

Airfares are the most expensive on the weekends, weekdays have much lower prices. So if your accommodation allows check in on weekdays too it is better to start your holiday in the middle of the week than the weekend.

Check out the low fare calendars of the airlines that fly to Paros (mainly from Athens)

Aegean Airlines (merged with Olympic air, so their websites are identical concerning availabilities and prices)

Sky Express

Get on a charter flight from many European cities to alternative airports to Paros!

This is the cheapest option in high season (July & August and even September) when charters operate. Alternative airports near Paros (PAS): Naxos (JNX), Syros Island (JSY) Santorini (JTR)

Mykonos (JMK), Chania, Crete (CHQ)

From these islands, Paros is only a short ferry ride away. As a matter of fact, most of our guests land on Mykonos airport and gets on one of the quick ferries to Paros. It’s only a 45 minutes boat ride.

Don’t forget Thessaloniki!

Is it easier for you to land in Thessaloniki? Don’t forget: Aegean Air operates direct flights between Thessaloniki-Paros not just Athens- Paros


Early planning pays, both ferry and airfares are cheaper if you book in advance, not to mention if you plan to visit Paros in high season you might not be able to find suitable tickets as it gets really busy. When is the best time to book your holiday to Paros? Now! We started to get reservations in November 2019 for the summer of 2020.