How will we travel in 2021?

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we think about the holidays. Many of us were patient throughout the summer of 2020, decided to stay home and stick it out. As new lockdowns are introduced globally it seems like our hurdles are far from being over. Even if we manage to get the virus under control, we have to live with it for a while and learn how to prevent getting infected and spread the disease. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel though as we hear the success rate of the vaccine trials are going up and scientists are finding out more about the ways the virus spreads so they are able to set up strategies to prevent spreading even further.

An interesting fact is that this past summer very low percentage of the tourists that visited Greece had a positive coronavirus test result and the main reason for the increase of infections after the summer season was said to be parties and celebrations where the virus spread quickly. This tells me two things: it is still safe to travel for tourism but we have to be more cautious about what kind of activities we participate in while on holiday. Instead of crowded bars and wine festivals, we might only be able to celebrate with our nuclear family, chill out on the beach, go for walks in the mountains and instead of closed shopping centers, the open-air market streets of the islands are a better alternative!

Also, the system that Greece set up ie random testing of passengers at the entry points to the country worked generally well. This might be the reason that even today while the country is in lockdown tourists from the European Union can still visit the country would they wish while visitors from other countries are restricted for essential travel purposes only. With the archeological sites closed and restaurants only offering takeaway right now it’s not that much fun, but it gives us an idea of what we can expect in the summer when the country will surely open for business just as in 2020. Greece cannot afford to be in lockdown in the summer as 30% of its GDP is from tourism.

Based on the new restrictions we expect that in the summer of 2021 all guests, incoming and perhaps also, the outgoing ones, must have completed the PLF (Passenger Locator Form), not later than the previous day of their flight. In addition, all passengers entering Greece are required to hold a negative molecular control (PCR) COVID-19 test result, which must have been carried out up to 72 hours before their arrival in Greece. This protocol is aim to provide safety for guests and locals alike. Tourist establishments are now more experienced and better informed since the management of the first lockdown and I think we can safely say that Greece will be one of the first choices of the international traveler in 2021.

We also noticed a slight preference for longer stays on the island and there are many that decided to stay even in the lockdown on Paros. These digital nomads are taking advantage of being able to work remotely and as most kids have to attend online education we see even families with children extending their stay on the Paros. We recognize that quick and reliable Internet access is at the top of the priority list of our guests. We are making more and more of our villas available for the offseason, but anybody willing to stay on Paros or Antiparos in the winter months has to know that central heating and/or dehumidifiers are an absolute necessity on the islands. Although the temperature never falls under 5 C degrees (and that rarely, more commonly it’s between 12-18 C degrees), because of the high humidity from the sea you feel colder than you would in lower temperatures. Therefore we only offer houses that are equipped with heating.

At Paros Holiday Rentals we updated our cancellation policy that would give both our guests the security to cancel their accommodation and recover their funds should their circumstances change, but also enable us to keep operating and provide the highest standards of services. See our cashback guarantee policy

We are looking forward to the next season and adding some more beautiful villas and cottages that represent the unique architecture of the Cyclades and keep working on providing carefree holidays on Paros and Antiparos! Do get in touch if you have any questions and let us know how can with your next visit to Paros!

NOTE: Please visit the official page of the Protocol for Arrivals in Greece before you travel!