Safe Holidays on Paros

Paros is a safe choice for everyone looking to enjoy a carefree vacation! Crime rate is very low, locals are friendly and welcoming, and you don’t need to watch your belongings on the beach. Relaxed and safe atmosphere, we tend to get along!

Space? You have it!

Paros is lucky to have 60 beaches and Antiparos 20 more.

Close to Nature

Do you like privacy? Most of our villas are situated in the countryside, where your only neighbor will be nature. Look for this sign if you want to make sure you have no neighbors at all.

Those villas that are situated in a holiday complex or in the village have plenty of space between them too.

We are well prepared to welcome the multi-generation travelers, large families with children, and grandparents. Many of our villas can accommodate more than 8 guests safely.

Not just Spotless, Sterilized

The pandemic might be over by now, but this is where we do not compromise. We care about you and we care just as much about the safety of our personnel. We prided ourselves to spotless homes before, but now with our updated cleaning routine and we make sure that not just kitchens and bathrooms but all surfaces (door and window handles, railings, tables, chairs, couches, etc.) are sterilized. Our cleaning personnel is properly trained. We clean- disinfect- and repeat. This is how we do it:

  • Before the departure of the previous guests, the house is left for 24 hours with open windows to aerate.
  • When our cleaning personnel enters, cleans, and disinfects with a rigorous cleaning regime inside and outside. Laundry is done on-site to avoid unnecessary contact with others outside the house.
  • We only provide mid-term cleaning and change of linen over 7 days of stays. This is not an obligatory service, if you prefer nobody to enter your home throughout your stay you can opt-out of this service. In any case, you will have access to plenty of clean linen and towels in the wardrobes so you can change any time.

What if you fall ill on Paros?

If worst comes to worst and you get ill on Paros this is what will happen and how we help.

  • In case you are feeling unwell, there are plenty of private clinics on the island
  • if there is an emergency you will have immediate and free of charge access to the public Health Center of Paros
  • we do recommend you have traveller’s insurance and for European citizens it is recommended to have the European isnsurance card with them (ask for it free of charge to be issued in your country of residence)