A new gym with weight and group training opened its door in the “Potami” (the river) in Parikia, the port town of Paros. A windy street close to the beach road. We were asked to plant the exterior of the shop with a concept that emphasizes the hip and modern design created inside.

The Gym situates in a windswept street, very close to the seashore our options were limited. We created splashes of color and a feel of luxury with  Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) and petunias (Petunia hybrida.). The exotic orange flowers of the Strelitzia keep coming from winter through spring and the cheerful red petunia under planting will give color through the summer and autumn.  The sword-like leaves of the Bird of Paradise are very architectural looking, they complement the modern, minimal architecture of the building. The petunias, being annuals on our Mediterranean climate can be replaced with winter annuals at the start of the cold spells.