Why to choose us?

We think for 6 simple reasons we are a better choice than the competition.


1.  We care about your needs. You are never going to hear the following from us: ‘- Do you like that garden on the photo? We can do the same for you!’

Instead we care about your family’s needs and ask questions about your lifestyle, the way you see yourselves using your outside space, the visitors that you might have, your favorite colors, your style and your preferred plants. We will ask you to let us in your house to see the style its decorated, and to have the opportunity to look outside your windows, to discover what you will see, so we have a full understanding of the space inside-out.

We don’t do copy and paste. We celebrate individuality. It doesn’t cost more for you, nor for us. It just takes a bit of thoughtfulness

2. We don’t just plant a garden that looks fantastic the first day. As we know the plants and the materials very well, we make sure that you and your children will enjoy your paradise next year, in 5 years and in 50 years from now too. It takes a lots of academic knowledge and practical experience to know how your garden is going to evolve with time. Plants grow and compete with each other, so you have to plan today accordingly. 

Its not enough to be a gardener to make great gardens. It takes a lots of knowledge to build a design that makes a lasting impression.

3. We care about maintenance costs. Since on the Greek islands water is scarce and expensive, we support creating gardens that have lower maintenance costs, including lower water bills. This aim is supported the latest professional irrigation systems we install.

4. You are safe with us, because we have a tried-and-tested garden project system. We provide you with a 3D concept plan, plants list with pictures of the plants, work schedule with the corresponding costs from the overall budget.

This way you will know exactly wat work is going to be done in your garden, when and how much it will cost. No hidden surprises.

5. We have all the necessary machinery and tools and we know how to use them. Might sound profane but this is what saves you time and gives you a professional result.

6. We have very good local knowledge and we admit if we are not great at doing something. So we bring in the right professionals to do the work for you, and since we constantly work with a group of people we can strike a much better deal with them, that you would get.

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