Holiday Sun Hotel Pounta

This large hotel is situated on the west side of Paros island and they offer kite surfing holidays. The previous garden maintenance team carried out a “lets cut everything back to the bone, so we don’t have to come again the season” approach and left the hotel’s garden bare and uninviting. We were called in to create a welcoming, cheerful, but elegant entrance area, much cherished by personnel and returning guests alike.

Holiday Sun Hotel is situated right on the sea, facing north. This might be great for kite surfers, but for us landscapers, it is a very challenging location. Strong north winds often reaching 8-9 Beaufort and waves lashing out on to the lawn forced us to come up with ideas of wind protection and clever plant choices. At the southern side of the hotel where most of the rooms’ entrances are, protected from fearsome winds we created a lush Mediterranean garden. The front of the hotel is taken up by a large lawn.

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