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Time to tidy up the Gaura in your garden

Gaura_lindheimeri2Gaura (Greek name: Γαούρα, botanical name: Gaura lindheimeri) is a beautiful perennial that flowers all year round in the Mediterranean garden. It makes a little round bush, and the butterfly-like flowers come in white or many shades of pink. Its a perennial, that means that it lives for many years, the flower stems dry down for the winter month, but re shoots at springtime.

Since its quite mild now as I write in the Cyclades region, Gaura is already shooting out, so it’s a good time to tidy them up so as the tender new shoots are able to see the light. One more good reason to cut the dry shoots is that when its humid your plants are more vulnerable to get a mildew infection and rot. (Well and of course the 3rd good reason to do this job is that they look quite messy by this time of the year, not a nice sight)



cutting_back_gauraIts easy to cut them back, just take your secateurs cut all the woody stems back the base. Take care not to break any new shoots.

You should end up with something like this:



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