How to book?

Our website does not have a booking engine. Why? Because we are property managers and not real estate agents or a third party accommodation site (like Airbnb or We can provide the lowest possible price by not standing between you and the house owner. Simple as that.

So how do you book with us?

  • Send us a message, call us or fill out the booking/inquiry form to inquire about availability.
  • We will help you choosing the property that fits your dates/budget and special requirements
  • Send both you and the owner of the house a short term rental agreement to sign
  • You pay the owner directly with bank transfer

What if you prefer to book one of our properties through a third party site?

No problem! You can also book all of our rental houses on Airbnb, or VBRO. Our homes are always advertised under the name of their owner, we are happy to point you to the right direction!

Do you do long term rentals?

No, we only do short term rentals, meaning that you can book your holiday accommodation for a maximum of 21 days. We very rarely accommodate one or 2 months rentals, and we usually ask for a minimum of 5 days in low-and mid-season and 7 days of reservation in the high season (July & August).