Cyclades – Paros: The new phase of upgrading the airport will start at the beginning of 2023

As we read on the website, the project was presented on Thursday, December 8, to the Permanent Committee for Production and Trade of the Parliament by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Giorgos Karagiannis.

The project is undertaken by INTRAKAT, which adds another contract to its portfolio.

It is worth noting that INTRACAT had undertaken the previous upgrade of the Parian airport in the last decade as well. The company became an expert in airport projects as in 2021 it also completed the upgrade of Fraport’s 14 Regional Airports.

The relevant tender had an interesting development as initially the company EKTER had bid, but it was excluded and finally INTRAKAT was selected as the contractor for the project with a discount rate of 10.54%.

The Contracting Authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The tender concerns the project of developing new and improving existing infrastructure of the new Paros airport.

The airport of the Cycladic island has presented an impressive course (until the pandemic) and although the previous contract for upgrading and some building work had been carried out, its further upgrading was deemed necessary to satisfy its ever-increasing needs.

A big project

This is the largest new project currently in Paros and one of the largest in the entire Cyclades complex. The auction of the project and the seal of the bids took place last summer, on July 5, 2021. The projects include, among other things, a new Control Tower.

The cost of the project amounts to an amount including VAT of 46.2 million euros (without VAT 37.26 million euros). The duration of the project was set at 30 months from the day of signing the construction contract. Essentially, if the project starts by the end of the year, then it can be completed by the summer season of 2025.

The project is co-financed after the inclusion of the Action “Development and improvement of infrastructure of the new Paros airport” in the “Y.ME.PER.AA” Operational Program. 2014 – 2020″. The project is also financed by the credits of the P.D.E.

What will be built?

Construction of a new airport building after the required equipment (baggage management system, visual flight announcement system, CUTE system, other electronic equipment, etc.), security guard, permanent sewage treatment facility, landscaping.

Also, extension of the aircraft parkway by 90m to the south and by 50m to the north, so that the parkway measures 340m*130m from the current 200m*130m, hydraulic drainage works and E/M installations (lighting, etc.), extension of the runway from 1,400m to 1,799m, zoning security and RESA zones, striping, marking and securing works.

Finally, the construction of a new control tower (P.E.A.) with an area of 159 sq.m. in contact with the new airport building, transfer of infrastructure from the existing to the new, transfer of a traffic light station to the new building, removal of the old control tower cabin and construction of a 563 sq.m. fire station.